JBoss Help Center


JBoss Help Center

Are you having troubles with JBoss in production ? do you need an expert hand for upgrading your JBoss AS installation ? or rather your application running on JBoss AS needs tuning and you don’t know where the issue is ? we have created this section called “JBoss Help Center” to provide professional help to your Enterprise. For the impatient, you can mail us with the issue at jbosshelp@mastertheboss.com describing your issue and your environment setup (JDK, Application Server version). Before submitting a ticket to us, we encourage to read our JBoss Help Faqs.



JBoss Help Center Faqs

What kind of help does JBoss Help Center Provide ?

At the moment, we provide application server support on all AS releases, starting from the 4.x. This includes as well all JBoss projects which are embedded in the application server (Hibernate, mod_cluster, Apache CXF, Infinispan)

How does the Help Center works ?

Basically, once that you have submitted the case, we will provide a reply within 24h with an estimate of the effort needed to solve the issue. If you accept our fee, we will deliver the fix to your issue in a reasonable amount of time (usually one business day or two depending on the complexity of the problem). The solution includes a short guide that describes the exact steps to apply the required changes. We also offer live support through Skype if the issue requires live assistance.

What does your solution contain ?

The solution delivered can contain XML files / Java classes or JAR files which are required to fix your problem. 

What is the fee requested to solve an issue ?

We request 40€ for each hour of work needed to solve the issue. We believe this is a fair amount and can be quite convenient if you consider that we usually solve within half day (4 hours) an issue that requires 2 days for a senior programmer. If you compare the cost, you will see that is much more convenient and your team can be more focused on programming rather than spending days searching for a solution.

Ok, what if there is no solution to my issue ?

Well chances are that our customers might hit an application server bug or they request a feature which is not available at that time on the application server. Within our reply we will clearly and honestly say if we are able to provide exactly what you need. We can offer multiple workarounds for such scenarios then it’s up to you to accept them or not. 

What do I need to send along with my request ?

We do appreciate if you are able to send us a prototype which reproduces the issue. This can speed up the initial phase where we analyze the problem and you will have a faster reply as well.