Modeshape 4 in action

This tutorial is a follow-up of our first introduction to Modeshape 4 NoSQL Data storage with Modeshape 4. Here we will learn how to deploy a simple Web application which inserts new Nodes into Modeshape JCR repository and display them with a nice Primefaces tree view. Modeshape has an extensive set of API which can … Read more

NoSQL Data storage with Modeshape 4

ModeShape is a distributed, hierarchical, transactional and consistent datastore with support for queries and full text search. It also supports versioning, events, locking and even more.  Clients can use the JSR-283 Java API to access the Modeshape repository (also known as JCR), the Modeshape REST API, or the JDBC driver that can be used to … Read more

ModeShape with AS7 example application

In this tutorial we will show how to run ModeShape from within a Java EE application deployed on JBoss AS 7, as a back-end for a PrimeFaces GUI component (The FileUpload). Installing ModeShape on JBoss AS 7 The first thing we will need to do is downloading the latest ModeShape AS7 kit (version 3.1.2.Final or … Read more

ModeShape quickstart tutorial

In this second tutorial about Modeshape we will show how to perform some basic operations with a ModeShape JCR repository such as storing binary files (images) and retrieving them.  Modeshape is a lightweight, fast, pluggable, open-source JCR repository that federates and unifies content from multiple systems, including files systems, databases, data grids, other repositories, etc. … Read more

Introduction to ModeShape

ModeShape is an open source implementation of the JSR-283 specification and standard JCR API. This tutorial will provide a basic introduction to the ModeShape framework and the JCR specification. Content Repository API for Java (JCR) is a specification for a Java platform application programming interface (API) to access content repositories in a uniform manner. A … Read more