JBoss vs Oracle middleware: my line

I’ve recently come across a blog post on Oracle site where JBoss EAP 6 platform and Oracle 12c are compared. Although not working for RedHat/JBoss I do am engaged with JBoss stuff but I’ll try to be as more independent as possible. The biggest claim of this post is a  “Cost of ownership analysis” which … Read more

JBoss vs Tomcat and Spring

First of all the wording “JBoss” is improper. There is not anymore a single product called “JBoss”, but just a unit of Red Hat with that name which develops middleware products. (Check this to learn more: What is JBoss ?) I assume you are referring to “WildFly” application server that is the new name for … Read more

Dojo Toolkit Tutorial

This article has been moved to masterthescript portal. You can continue reading it here: Dojo toolkit tutorial.

Create GWT applications on JBoss AS

This tutorial shows how to create Google Web Toolkit applications (GWT) using Eclipse and how to deploy them on JBoss AS. In the second part of this tutorial, we will show also how to interact with application server serices like RESTful Web services. Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a development toolkit for building and optimizing … Read more

MongoDB tutorial for Java EE developers

This tutorial provides a short introduction to MongoDB no-sql database and shows how to interact with it from a Java application server (JBoss AS). MongoDB (which stands for “humongous”) is an open source, high-performance, schema-free, document-oriented database written in the C++ programming language. The database is document-oriented so it manages collections of JSON-like documents. The … Read more

Develop advanced reports on JBoss with Pentaho

Pentaho Reporting is an easy-to-use, open source, lightweight suite of Java projects built for report generation. In this tutorial we will show how you can embed Pentaho Reporting into a Web application deployed on JBoss AS. Pantaho Reporting is an advanced reporting solution which is part of the Pentaho suite. Pentaho reporting is made up of … Read more

JBoss JMX Collection: how to create a PDF from text

Starting from now we will collect all interesting MBeans and POJO Services and make available to readers. In this tutorial we will show a POJO Service that transforms a text file into a PDF table using the iText library ‘  The prerequisite of this sample is the iText library which needs to be downloaded from: … Read more