How to create time based rules

In this tutorial we will learn how to create time based rules using Drools rules engine. When combined with a timer, a Drools rule can be an useful option, to monitor some attributes and perform some actions accordingly.  Let’s see at first an example of Drools rules  which can be activated on a timer configuration: … Read more

What is a rule engine ?

What is a rule engine ? A rule engine is a piece of software that executes rules according to some algorithm. A rule engine combines a set of facts that are inserted in to the system with its own Rule Set to reach a conclusion of triggering one or several actions. These rules typically describe … Read more

Using Drools rules with jBPM

This tutorial has been updated to show how to invoke Drool Rules from within a jBPM process, and how to handle the interactions between Process and rules. Business processes and rules are two core concepts which should be stressed out: Business processes: Represent what the business does. Business rules: Represent decisions that the business does. … Read more