How to use Microprofile Health Checks for your Services

Health checks are an essential component of all microservices applications. In this tutorial we will learn how to use the HealthCheck Microprofile API to verify the liveness and readiness of a Microservice along with the new Startup check which is available since the MP Health version 3.1.

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What’s new with Quarkus 2.0 and how to get started quickly

Quarkus 2.0 has been released! In this article, we will cover the highlights of the new major version and the requirements to get started or migrate to this exciting new version. Quarkus 2.0 aims to bring ease of development at an even higher level. There are several improvements in the tooling area and the major … Read more

Data Persistence with Quarkus and Hibernate Panache

In this article we will learn how to simplify Data Persistence with Quarkus, using Hibernate ORM Panache a library that stands on the top of Hibernate. Bootstrap a Quarkus project with Panache Let’s start creating a Quarkus project which includes the following extensions: mvn io.quarkus:quarkus-maven-plugin:2.3.0.Final:create \ -DprojectGroupId=com.mastertheboss \ -DprojectArtifactId=panache-demo \ -DclassName=”com.mastertheboss.MyService” \ -Dpath=”/tickets” \ -Dextensions=”quarkus-hibernate-orm-panache,quarkus-jdbc-postgresql,quarkus-resteasy-jsonb” … Read more

How to calculate the size of the Http Session?

The HTTP Session size in cluster is a key metric to determine how much an application can scale. In this updated tutorial we will learn some available options which you can use to have an estimate of the current HTTP Session size and the number of HTTP active sessions.

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Clustering Infinispan made simple

This tutorial will discuss how to configure and start an Infinispan cluster. As next step, we will show how to connect to the cluster remotely using a Java application. Infinispan uses the JGroups library to provide network communication capabilities. JGroups is a toolkit for reliable group communication and provides many useful features and enables cluster … Read more

PrimeFaces autocomplete made simple

PrimeFaces AutoComplete displays suggestions while the input is typing. AutoComplete features various options, multiple selections, customizable content and other cool effects. Let’s see how to run a quick example of it.

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