Helloworld Fuse tutorial

In this tutorial we will move our first steps with Red Hat JBoss Fuse, we will learn what is JBoss Fuse, how to install it and we will run a first demo application on it. What is Red Hat Fuse ? In a nutshell Red Hat Fuse is an open source Enterprise Integration Platform and … Read more

Building your first JBoss Fuse project with Maven

Note: There’s an updated tutorial about JBoss Fuse here. In this tutorial we will create our first Red Hat JBoss Fuse project using Maven. The project will contain a Camel route with OSGi blueprint support that is ready to be deployed in JBoss Fuse. Requisites: You need Maven and Red Hat Fuse installed. Let’s build … Read more

Orchestrate JAX-WS Web services with JBoss Fuse

In this tutorial we will learn how to install a Camel blueprint project on JBoss Fuse and orchestrate a CXF Web service which is published on WildFly application server. The starting point for this tutorial is a simple HelloWorld Web service. Here is the implementation class: @WebService(endpointInterface = “demows.HelloWorld”, targetNamespace = “http://hello.world.ns/”, name = “HelloWorld”, … Read more

Proxy Web Services request with JBoss Fuse

In this tutorial we will learn how to provide a Web service facade using a Came blueprint project which proxies request to a legacy web service. This is the second tutorial about Camel and Web services – here you can read the first part: Proxy Web services request with Camel where we have covered this … Read more

Installing JBoss Fuse on JBoss EAP and WildFly

In this article we will learn about the JBoss Fuse 6.2.1 server release, and how you can use it to provision both JEE applications and OSGi bundles In the release of JBoss Fuse 6.2.1, you can now choose between two alternative container technologies: JEE (JBoss EAP) OSGi (Apache Karaf) Both container types now offer a … Read more

Deploying bundles to JBoss Fuse

JBoss Fuse can hot deploy your OSGi bundles automatically when you drop the JAR files in the InstallDir/deploy directory. When you copy a JAR file in this directory, it will be automatically installed in the runtime and also started. Just the same, if you update or delete the JARs, and the changes are handled automatically. … Read more

JBoss Fuse Fabric cheatsheet

Here is my JBoss Fuse Fabric cheat sheet Enable user/password for Karaf Console: cd $FUSE_HOME vi ./etc/users.properties – Uncomment line by removing # character from #admin=admin,admin line – Save the file Create a fabric with defaults fabric:create –wait-for-provisioning Create a fabric with Manual IP and custom user fabric:create –new-user admin –new-user-password password –new-user-role Administrator –zookeeper-password … Read more