Solving “Syntax error in SQL statement: expected “identifier”

When working with JPA (Java Persistence API) and defining entity classes, it’s crucial to avoid using reserved words as identifiers for attributes or table names. Failure to do so may lead to SQL syntax errors, as demonstrated by the given issue.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk through the steps to resolve the SQL syntax error caused by using reserved words in a JPA entity class.

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3 ways to set a Query timeout for JPA / Hibernate applications

In JPA (Java Persistence API) and Hibernate applications, queries can sometimes take a long time to execute, especially when working with large data sets. To avoid long-running queries, it’s important to set a query timeout, which limits the maximum amount of time that a query is allowed to run before it times out. In this tutorial, we will learn how to set a query timeout for JPA/Hibernate applications.

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