How to solve CVE-2023-44487

The CVE-2023-44487 vulnerability can be exploited by multiplexing requests through the HTTP/2 protocol and rapidly resetting the streams. This chain of events will result in high server resource consumption and eventually cause a Denial of Service. Let’s see which packages are affected and the current resolution or mitigation of the issue. HTTP/2 RESET of Connections … Read more

How to fix CVE-2023-29017

The CVE-2023-29017 is about a flaw in how VM2 handles errors asynchronously within a sandbox environment. If not properly handled, such errors might allow an attacker to escape the restrictions of the sandbox and execute code with greater privileges, potentially compromising the host system’s security. This article discusses how to solve the issue.

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Getting Started with Testcontainers for Java

Introduction In modern software development, it is crucial to write robust and reliable tests to ensure the quality of your applications. One essential aspect of testing is dealing with dependencies, such as databases or external services. Testcontainers is an excellent Java library that provides lightweight, disposable containers for running dependencies during tests. In this tutorial, … Read more

How to configure Gradle to use Java 17

Gradle is an open-source build automation tool and project management system that is widely used for building, testing, and deploying software projects. In this tutorial we will learn how to configure it to use Java 17 and how to solve common issues with it.

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How to Test Private Methods with JUnit

When writing unit tests, the best practice is to test public methods, as they are the entry points to your classes and provide the intended behavior to external consumers. Testing private methods, on the other hand, is often considered an implementation detail and not directly exposed to the external API. In this article, we will discuss why testing private methods is not generally a good option and explore an approach to test them using JUnit 5.

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Debugging RestAssured Tests

When you run REST Assured tests, you may encounter errors such as failing assertions, incorrect responses, or unexpected behaviors. This article explains some techniques that can help you identify the root cause of these errors and fix them quickly. By debugging your tests, you can see what’s happening under the hood and find the issues that are causing the test failures.

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