Sharing HTTP Session between Web applications in an EAR

One of the new features of WildFly 9 is the ability to share the HTTP Session between applications which are part of the same Enterprise Archive. (This feature is described in ) Undertow allows you to share sessions between wars in an ear, if it is explicitly configured to do so. Note that if you use this feature … Read more

Create a Singleton in a Cluster with WildFly

Using a Singleton Service in a cluster is not something completely new concept. In JBoss 6 you could use a SingletonService to decorate a Service such that the service will only ever be started on one node in a cluster at any given time. WildFly 10 brings again to life this service with a fully … Read more

WildFly 10 Final released !

On the 29th January 2016 WildFly 10 Final has been released! Let’s have a quick breakthough its features. New messaging subsystem: the new messaging provider embedded in WildFly 10 is Apache Artemis MQ which is derived from the HornetQ project, recently donated to the Apache foundation. The new messaging provides retains compatibility with the former … Read more

Discover Domain controllers in WildFly

A new feature of WildFly 8 is the ability to allow Domain Discovery which allows reconnecting to one or more alternate Domain controller, in case the default one fails. Let’s see an example of it: <domain-controller> <remote host=”${jboss.domain.master.address:}” port=”${jboss.domain.master.port:9999}” security-realm=”ManagementRealm”> <discovery-options> <static-discovery name=”discovery-one” protocol=”${jboss.domain.master.protocol:remote}” host=”${jboss.domain.master.address:}” port=”${jboss.domain.master.port:19999}”/> </discovery-options> </remote> </domain-controller> In the above example, we have … Read more

Using Camel with WildFly – part 2

This is the second part tutorial about using Camel with WildFly. We will now learn how to use Camel routes within our applications. First of all, check that you have installed Camel subsystem as described in this tutorial: Riding the Camel with WildFly application server Using Camel with Java EE CDI applications is even easier than … Read more

Riding the Camel with WildFly application server

This tutorial describes how you can integrate Apache Camel in your WildFly Application Server configuration. At the end of this tuorial you will be able to turn your WildFly application server into a mini service bus! First of all, you need to grab the WildFly-camel bundle which is available at Simply unzip the tar.gz file … Read more

Configuring WildFly as Reverse Proxy

In this tutorial we will learn how we can configure the Undertow subsystem to reverse proxy request from one application running on one host to another application running on an another host.    At first some some terminology: what is a reverse proxy ? the common usage of the term proxy usually refers to a forward proxy, which is a server … Read more

Patching WildFly application server

The final version of WildFly 8.1.0 has been released and it contains also the first patch to apply for updating the installation from 8.0.0 Final to 8.1.0. This tutorial shows how to do it.   The first obvious thing you need is downloading the patch which is available at the “Update Existing 8.0.0.Final Install” … Read more

Running WildFly with JDK 8

The JDK 1.8 early access is available for download at Oracle’s site. In this short tutorial we will try to use it to start up Wildfly 8 application server.   So once downloaded, installed and configured JAVA_HOME to point to the new JDK 8, let’s now start wildfly 8. The first change that we notice is … Read more

Maven configuration for Java EE 7 projects on WildFly

In this tutorial we will learn how to configure Maven Project Object Module (pom.xml) so that you can easily build and deploy your applications running on WildFly. In order to do that we will use the following BOM which is available in Maven Central Repository: What is a BOM ? A BOM is also … Read more