Infinispan 8 Web Console

INFO: This tutorial is outdated. The recommended way to Manage Infinispan 10 or newer is by means of the Command Line Interface or the REST Interface. We recommend checking the following tutorial: Getting started with Infinispan Command Line Interface

One of the new features introduced in Infinispan 8 release is the web based management console through which you can monitor your caches and your Infinispan clusters.

Check this tutorial for a quick introduction on getting started with Infinispan 8: Infinispan 8 tutorial

In order to use the management console you need a management user, therefore enter the bin folder of your installation and execute the script:

What type of user do you wish to add? 
 a) Management User ( 
 b) Application User (
(a): a

Enter the details of the new user to add.
Using realm 'ManagementRealm' as discovered from the existing property files.
Username : infini-user
Password : 
Re-enter Password : 
What groups do you want this user to belong to? (Please enter a comma separated list, or leave blank for none)[  ]: 
About to add user 'infini-user' for realm 'ManagementRealm'
Is this correct yes/no? yes

Now we can start the server.In the current release of Infinispan (8.1.0 Beta) the Management console works just with in Domain mode, therefore once installed Infinispan 8.1.0 Beta, start the server in domain mode:

$ domain

Start a browser an point to the management address which is by default

A login page will request your credentials to access the management console:

The current version of the management console is split into two tabs:

  • The Cache tab allows monitoring the available caches
  • The Clusters tab will let you manage the cluster of server that make up your data grid

Clicking on the Cache Tab you will see the list of available caches. As you can see, out of the box, 4 caches are exposed when starting in clustered mode:

You can click on the clustered cache link to see details about the available caches:

Statistics about the caches are available by clicking on the singe caches; you can also navigate through the cluster nodes and get statistics on the single nodes. For example, if you select the upper Clusters option:

From here you can add or remove Server nodes or query the cache statistics for that node. Let’s say you want to get statistics about the server-one:

Performance metrics are also available from this window:

This was just a quick overview to some of the features of the Web based UI of Infinispan, which as we said are available only in Domain mode. You can expect plenty of other useful UI for your Data Grid in the next releases of Infinispan.