Jakarta EE vs Java EE vs EE4j

Jakarta EE, Java EE, and EE4J are all related to the Java Enterprise Edition (EE) platform, but they represent different stages and developments in the evolution of Java EE. Here’s a comparison between Jakarta EE, Java EE, and EE4J.

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Which is WildFly latest version?

This article will help you to find the latest version of WildFly application server and it is automatically updated after each WildFly new version WildFly latest version The latest version of WildFly Application server – as of – is version . You can download the latest version of WildFly from the official site: https://www.wildfly.org/downloads/ Alternatively, … Read more

Migrating a Service from JBoss ESB to Apache Camel

If you have a service running on JBoss ESB and are looking to migrate to a different platform, Apache Camel can be a good choice. Camel is a widely-used, open-source integration framework that allows you to define routing and mediation rules in a variety of domain-specific languages, including a Java-based Fluent API, Spring XML, and Scala DSL.

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What is WildFly application server?

In this tutorial we will learn what is WildFly and how it can help you to develop Java Enterprise Applications. An application server exposes business logic to client applications through various protocols, possibly including HTTP. While a Web server mainly deals with sending HTML for display in a Web browser, an application server is not limited … Read more

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WildFly Performance tuning book available!

The latest release of WildFly Performance tuning book is available on ItBuzzpress: Chapter 1: Introduces to the basic strategies for tuning, describing how data should be initially gathered, analyzed and verified Chapter 2: Discusses the tools that can be used to monitor the performance of the application server,from the standard JMX toolings to ELK stacks … Read more