Instant Drools Starter book review

Today I’ve gone through the Drools Instant starter book and I’ll add a short review of it. 

This pocket book has been created to provide you with all the information that you need to get started with Drools. You can read it in one day
and at the end you will learn the basics of Drools, get started with building your first rule system, and learn some core functions and helpful tips and tricks when it comes to using Drools in your applications. Basically the book is made up of just 52 pages and well divided into the following sections:

1) What is Drools? this will tell you what Drools actually is, what a Business Rule Management System such as Drools can do for you, when you should and shouldn’t choose a rule engine, and why Drools is a great choice.

2) Installation will teach you how to integrate Drools into a new or existing Java project with minimum hassle in order to get you writing and evaluating rules as soon as possible.

3) Quick start will kick start you with Drools Expert and your simple rule file using the Drools Rule Language.

4) Top 5 features you need to know about: this will teach the essentials for reading and writing basic rules in Drools Rule Language syntax, work with facts (objects fed to the rule engine), test your rules and debug the rule evaluation process

5) People and places you should get to know: provides many useful links to project documentation and mailing lists, as well as a number of helpful articles, tutorials, blogs, and the Twitter feeds of Drools.

This book is an extremely enjoyable reading at a convenient price (7.99€) which leaves me wishing to learn more about this great Rules engine. I’ll be glad to share with my readers all my on-going progress in this area