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Under which license are this tutorials distributed ?

Licenza Creative Commons
JBoss tutorials by Francesco Marchioni is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Italy License.


Why so many ads ?


Surely advertising is a bit invasive in today’s portal. However, anyone who is investing lots of his/her time to produce useful content on the Web has got just two options: one is requesting a fee to access the content and the other is using advertising.

Surely a small fee can produce a fixed monthly income, however the content will be shared to a much smaller comunity of users. In other words it will be less popular. That’s why most successful Web site/portals (like Facebook or Youtube) choose advertising or marketing partnership to gain from Web sites. We do apologize for the inconvenience caused by advertising, at the same time we really hope you’ll find any interesting options selected for you by our sponsors.


How do I collaborate with mastertheboss ?


If you want to share an article/faq with us, simply contact us at [email protected]


Will I get paid for my article ?


At the moment I’m planning to invest some more time and money on this site, so it can be that in 2011 all the revenues earned from Ads (Adsense and Infolinks) will be devolved to people collaborating with this site. That’s not so much, however it’s a little incentive to share some of your knowledge with other people.

If you want to stay informed visit us and eventually write us: [email protected]


How do I get in touch with other users of this site ?


We have added a Facebook page for keeping in touch with our Community of users. We highly recommend entering in our Community page (simply keep “I like button”) as meeting new people with common attitudes and working interests is one of the key factors in your personal’s career.