Has Cloud Computing Become a Network Operation Storage Accessory?

Cloud computing can be defined as the provision which allows a user to log into a service that is web serviced. This service hosts all programs necessary for completing a certain job. The cloud computing service provider will run everything from emailing, to complex data analysis and word processing. The word ‘cloud’ refers to the network of different computers which will handle the assigned tasks. These cloud computing service providers charge for the management and maintenance of data inputs by their clients. It has become inevitable for any businesses to adopt the cloud technology in one way or another. Cloud computing has very many advantages, but it has now become a network operation storage accessory;

Data Management: Cloud computing is a very easy way to store all data on the cloud. This helps a user manage information effectively and share the data with any person they would want to. Cloud applications will allow a user to manage the data via the web. He/she will not require the installation of heavy files or even download anything to the computer. Cloud data management system has been set to change the way businesses have access to data, manage and share any kind of data to make it fully functional.

Data Interpretation: Cloud computing offers different ways to track the different kinds of data like Disk Read and Write, Network In and Out, CPU usage and many other services for the cloud. This will give you a way to interpret the data in many useful ways. These reports are very easy to understand for the cloud computing services that are available from the cloud providers. Alarms in the cloud platform are useful in the taking of data from metric solutions and use this information in a way that supports software applications.

Online Backup Services: Cloud backup services are dependable and reliable. The cloud computing service uses the best technology like disk-based backup, encryption, application-specific protection and other kinds of securities for all information stored in their server. The online data backup service is affordable. Some of the backup servers will charge a monthly flat rate. There is a protected storage space for all the backed up data. With in depth reporting and notification solutions that allow the user to have full information of the status of their data backup, the online backup has multiple site environments.

Social Networking Services: With the fast prevalence in daily peoples’ lives, institutes are still adamant to use social networks like educational tools. There is a variety of social media tools that can be used to simplify interactive environments in classrooms. These tools will help the teachers and students to engage in an inventive way by encouraging the collaboration and stimulating discussion. Cloud computing is the biggest trend in the business industry seen after the adoption of the social media. Companies like Amazon and Google have taken in cloud computing. They in turn provide cloud computing and hosting services to many other companies.

Personal Data Services: No software of personal storage devices are needed with cloud computing. Users can access their cloud stored data with internet based services like computers, smart phones, net books and mobile phones. A user will need a password with a cloud account and they can store information or data in the cloud.

Fiddling with any Internal Connections: It is advisable not to fiddle with any connections. If one experiences a problem, they should contact the service provider for assistance.

Author Bio:

Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc., a unified storage and cloud computing service provider company in Portland, OR. Deney is the only localised and authorised IBM business partner in Pacific Northwest.