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All You Need to Know About Windows Firewall and Cloud Computing Services

In this world of computers and connectivity, viruses and Trojans are always an issue. They come in all shapes and sizes and may be extremely difficult to decipher. Windows firewall provides protection against viruses and anti hacking services. It is a component software of Microsoft Windows that provides packet filtering. Firewalls continually navigate through programs to ascertain whether there are any viruses or intruders in the system.

A few years back, most individual computer owners and businesses did not know about the advantages of Windows Firewall especially with reference to the Internet. But nowadays, nobody can ignore firewall services. It acts like a barrier against all types of infiltrators, and also provides security to a computer. In order to ensure that the firewall is enabled, check your control panel, and then click the Security Center icon to see “Windows Firewall is enabled”.

Cloud Computing provides computing resources on demand through a computer network. Offered as Internet-hosted services, there are 3 categories to the service:

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS):

IAAS powers all. It is a hardware and software that servers the storages, servers, networks, operating systems.

Platform as a Service (PAAS):

PAAS is a set of services designed such that coding and deploying of applications becomes quick, efficient and easier. The focus is on protecting data. There may be various scenarios. There may be outages by the provider or sometimes lack of encryption services.

Software as a Service (SAAS):

These are applications that are designed keeping end users in mind and are delivered over the internet. It also manages access to applications for users such that every user has access only to applications relevant to him/her.

The term 'cloud computing’ comes from the symbol used in representations in flowcharts and network diagrams.

Advantages of Windows Firewall and Cloud computing Services,

1. The first benefit is that it lessens the cost.

2. The difficulty level of firewalling business mail is also lessened with the use of cloud computing.

3. Time is no longer a constraint and it is more practical to use.

4. It can be updated or changed manually, thus giving better control to administrator.

5. Continually navigating the program is also not a constraint for the end user.

Problems with Windows Firewall and Cloud computing

1. Even Internal Clouds may not be fully secure – Many organizations are nowadays building their own clouds behind windows firewalls. However, one needs to realize that even Internal Clouds are not safe if teams within are misusing it.

2. Using Clouds reduces security visibility – This leads to increase in risk and also limited understanding of the risk involved as the provider will only give limited information as to the risks involved.

3. Better Storage required for confidential information – Many providers still do not provide encryption services. This can be a problem especially with sensitive information that many providers still do not understand. Yet, many are providing encoding services that seems to work for many businesses.

4. Security of Apps – On a cloud Computing platform, an application can be quite exposed. Application security is a big concern and can be fatal for a company’s future if unencrypted application is deployed on a cloud.

5. Authorization and authentication needs to be stronger – Out of all the issues, this issue have the maximum solutions available. In the current scenario, every organization needs to develop its own authentication system for users.

In times when threats aren’t only limited in actual life but are more malafide on the Internet, its vital to firewall your PC with Windows Firewall to prevent computer crashes, program failures, and be free of unnecessary problems.


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