WildFly is a Java EE 8 certified application server. The word "application server" has been coined in relation to Java Enterprise application; you can think of it as it’s a piece of Java software where your application can be provisioned using the services provided by the application server.

WildFly simplifies the development of Enterprise applications by providing a list of services out of the box:

  • A JDBC Connection pool to manage access to Relational database
  • A Messaging broker compatible with the JMS specifications named "ArtemisMQ"
  • A Resource Adapter compliant architecture so that you can connect to external systems (e.g. Tibco, Weblogic Server, Active MQ, etc)
  • An EJB container where you can deploy remote services
  • A lightweight and performant Web Server named "Undertow"
  • A Batch Job scheduler to execute Tasks and Jobs

The following picture shows the Java EE Api that are available when you deploy applications on the top of WildFly:

what is wildfly

Here are some common questions if you are pretty new to WildFly.

Is WildFly free for commercial usage?

WildFly is free and open-source software, subject to the requirements of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), version 2.1. Being an opensource project it means you can contribute as well to make it better. You can use WildFly both for commercial usage and for non-commercial usage, it's absolutely free.

Where can I get support for WildFly?

In terms of support, WildFly is a Community product thefore you rely on its vast Community of users for help. Check the Home page forum to get help on it.

If you want to have commercial support for this product, then you have to use JBoss Enteprise Application Server platform which is a Red Hat Product. Check this out: What is the difference between JBoss EAP, WildFly and JBoss AS ?

Where can I download WildFly?

You can download WildFly at: http://wildfly.org/downloads/

If you are in a hurry, you can just download the latest version with:

curl https://download.jboss.org/wildfly/15.0.1.Final/wildfly-15.0.1.Final.zip