Deploy your first GateIn portlet application

In order to deploy your first portlet you need to follow these steps:

At first deploy the web application WAR file just as an ordinary Web application.

gatein tutorial gatein tutorial  gatein tutorial  gatein tutorial


 Log in as an Administrator user



Go to to Group > Administration > Application Registry to import the custom portlets that form part of the portlet application.

The Application Registry shows all the portlets that have been imported into the GateIn portal. Import the deployed portlets by clicking the Import Applications button shown in the following picture.

gatein tutorial jboss gatein

Once that your portlets has been installed, it will appear in the Category panel.
gatein tutorial gatein tutorial gatein tutorial gatein tutorial
Now login with an User to the GateIn Portal

gatein tutorial jboss example gatein

And add a New Page to the base portal:

jboss gatein example tutorial gatein

Choose a path of your like (while reflects the path on the Menu) and enter a Node Name which will display in the Menu:
Now Drag and Drop into the page the HelloWorld portlet we have just created.

You should see that now your page contains the HelloWorld portlet as shown by the following picture:


Now you save your work and check that your Portlet is working, by navigating to the Upper Menu.
gatein tutorial gatein jboss tutorial gatein

Now recall your first GateIn portlet from the upper menu: Home > HelloTime:

gatein tutorial gatein tutorial gatein jboss example demo