Another cool new feature of WildFly 9 is the ability to suspend/resume the execution of application requests. This new feature allows your existing request to complete while preventing new requests to be accepted.

In order to do that, enter the CLI and execute:


Check from the server logs that the status has changed to suspended:

wildfly 9 suspend resume

When you are in suspend mode you are still able to:

  • Deploy/undeploy applications
  • Change your configuration

You can check at any time the status of your server by issuing an ls at the root of your configuration:

[standalone@localhost:9990 /] ls
core-service                 name=francesco-pc
deployment                   namespaces=[]
deployment-overlay           process-type=Server
extension                    product-name=WildFly Full
interface                    product-version=9.0.0.Beta2
path                         profile-name=undefined
socket-binding-group         release-codename=Kenny
subsystem                    release-version=1.0.0.Beta2
system-property              running-mode=NORMAL
launch-type=STANDALONE       schema-locations=[]
management-major-version=3   server-state=running
management-micro-version=0   suspend-state=SUSPENDED

On the other hand, new application requests will receive a:

wildfly 9 tutorial

Once completed the running requests, you can either shutdown the server or resume the execution with:


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