AS 7 Graphical CLI

jboss 7 as7 cli tutorialOne new feature of the release 7.1.0 of JBoss AS is the Graphical View of the Command Line Interface. In this short tutorial we will show how to use it to change one of the server’s attributes.

Please Note: the Command Line Interface in the final release 7.1.0 is no more launched using,sh but with (or jboss-cli.bat for Windows users)

If you want to launch the Command Line Interface in graphical mode, you have to feed the –gui parameter to the shell script:

jboss-cli.bat –gui

Here’s how the CLI looks like:


jboss as 7 command line interface as7

As described in the label, by clicking on a folder, the resource will expand, on the other hand if you can right-click on a node and fire an operation on it. Here’s an example of how ti works. We want to change the attribute port of the http socket binding interface. Navigate to the resource and right click on it:

jboss as 7 tutorial as7 cli

select “write-attribute” option. Now in the upper text area, you fill find composed the command which will be sent to the CLI to perform the action.

By clicking on submit, will return (in the Output tab) the result of your action:

jboss 7 as7 command line interface