JBoss EAP opens to developers!

The Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) binaries and source code are now available for downloading to developers from JBoss.org!

 As JBoss’ director Mark Little said, RedHat division JBoss decided to make available for free to the community all relevant EAP builds which have been promoted from the JBoss community version.

 As you can see from the downloads, the latest release is now called JBoss EAP 6.0 Alpha 1 and should be equivalent or better to the community AS 7.2.0 version. Following that, developers can get their hands on a EAP beta release, under a “zero-dollar developer subscription”.

jboss eap


“What we are proposing to do is pretty simple: from the point where we start to productise the community project (e.g., AS7.1) we will release all product builds that we create as a result of this process into the community (e.g., EAP 6.0 Alpha 1, which is based on AS 7.1) so that all developers within our communities or with our customers can take advantage of them immediately. There will be no other community binaries for that major release of the community project after that point because the product builds are effectively a superset and we hope more beneficial to most developers”.

Mark Little


The following table depicts some differences in libraries between the current AS 7.1.1 and the EAP 6.0 Alpha 1

EAP 6.0 Alpha 1 JBoss AS 7.1.1
PicketBox 4.0.15 PicketBox  4.0.7
Weld Core 1.1.10 Weld Core  1.1.5
Netty 3.6.2 Netty  3.2.6
Ironjacamar 1.0.15 Ironjacamar 1.0.9
mod_cluster 1.2.3 mod_cluster  1.2.0
hibernate core 4.2.0 CR1 hibernate core 4.0.1
hornetq 2.3.0 CR1 hornetq  2.2.13
Infinispan 5.2.1 Infinispan  5.1.2
Apache CXF 4.1.3 Apache CXF  4.0.2
RESTeasy 2.3.5 RESTeasy 2.3.2

This change in Redhat policy should be applauded and it is a good first step in bringing the two communities (AS7 and EAP) on a comparable basis in terms of support. With EAP taking precedence over the other in terms of support, those using AS 7 felt short changed by the restrictive model, as they were unable to access to the product builds and provide feedback to the development team immediately.

In the next tutorials we will learn what are the enhancements, in terms of management, of the EAP. Stay tuned!