JBoss AS 6 FAQ

In this article I will add periodically some FAQS about the JBoss AS 6. Check it our here!
How do I run/deploy applications on JBoss AS 6 using Eclipse ?

Eclipse Galileo doesn’t contain a JBoss 6 Runtime (nor JBoss Tools at the time of writing), however if you choose a JBoss 5 Runtime and point to a JBoss AS 6 installation it will work without problems. ( Eclipse will label the release 6.0.0 M2 as 5.0.2)

jboss 6 faqs

UPDATE: If you are using JBoss Tools 3.2, you will see that the “JBoss Community” server includes JBoss AS 6 as well

Does JBoss 6.0.0 M2 ships with an EJB 3.1 compliant container ?
JBoss AS 6 includes an EJB 3.1 compliant container since the release 6.0.0 M3 of the application server. With the 6.0 final release you can use all cool features of EJB 3.1

Can I use Java EE 1.6 features on JBoss AS 6.0.0 M2 ?
You can use CDI which uses Weld implementation. You can use as well Servlet 3.0 Specification and JPA 2 Specification.

Does JBoss AS 6.0.0 M2 support REST-Easy?
Yes. JBoss AS 6.0.0 M2 ships with a fully certified and portable REST-Easy implementation of the JAX-RS 1.0 specification. Later release of JBoss AS 6 will ship with a compliant JAX-RS 1.1 version.

What happened to the web configuration ?
The web configuration has been removed. It is now replaced by the jbossweb-standalone configuration. It is definitely the intent that AS 6 will ship a EE 6 web profile compliant configuration. This profile, as per Java EE 6 spec, provides a subset of the Java EE platform and is designed for web application development. The Web Profile includes only those technologies needed by most web application developers, and does not include the enterprise technologies that these developers typically don’t need.

Where do I configure logs in JBoss AS 6 ?
Log configuration has moved from the “conf” folder to the deploy folder. The new configuration file name is jboss-logging.xml

Does JBoss AS 6 still includes the management Console ?
Yes, but they’re now deployed on demand. (It means they are not part of the boot process of JBoss AS )

Ok but I cannot find the JMX Console, nor the admin Console, nor the Web Service Console!
They have been moved to the new common repository, located in JBOSS_HOME\common\deploy

What is the Service deployed as mod_cluster.sar ?
JBoss 6.0.0 M1 ships with mod_cluster, which is installed in the default, all and standard configuration. Mod_cluster differs from mod_jk in the fact that it transmits server-side load balance factors and lifecycle events using a custom protocol (Mod-Cluster Management Protocol). This additional feedback channel allows mod_cluster to offer a level of intelligence and granularity not found in other load balancing solutions

My web application issues a JBossXBRuntimeException when deployed on JBoss 6 M2. Why ?

If you have in your stack trace something like that:


Caused by: org.jboss.xb.binding.JBossXBRuntimeException:
Failed to resolve schema nsURI= location=web-fragment at
org.jboss.xb.binding.sunday.unmarshalling.SundayContentHandler.startElement(SundayContentHandler.at org.jboss.xb.binding.parser.sax.SaxJBossXBParser 
This means that you have an error in your web-fragment.xml file. As a matter of fact, the release 6 M2 scans for the file web-fragment.xml which is defined in Servlet 3.0 specs.  Check the file against the DTD.