You’ve been using the JMX Console to access yourMBeans. In this example we’ll look at MBeans through the Web Console, which adds a few new twists to what you’ve seen so far.

The Web Console is found in the home page just under the JMX-Console. Enter it !

Now Expand the System icon and then the JMX MBeans tree.
jboss.system domain: expand it and look for the MBean jboss.system:type=ServerInfo.
Beneath this Mbean you can find all the monitoring options available: you should be able to right click on in and get a few menu options:

jboss monitor

Let’s find the

Now Supposing you want to draw a graph of the attribute FreeMemory, simply right click on FreeMemory and you'll see a real-time graph of your Free Memory.
Cool isn't it ?

jboss monitor



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