This is a very frequent question. The short answer is in the data folder of the application servers and additionally into the Domain Controller data folder (if using domain mode). I'll however show how to "recover" the application from there.

Let's say you have deployed an application in a Domain. (Things work much the same in standalone mode). You need at first to know the hash of the application. Check it into the domain.xml file:

<deployment name="as7project.war" runtime-name="as7project.war">
	<content sha1="15aca568030ef6157f25387af23bbdcd6689b2ca"/>
<deployment name="Browser.war" runtime-name="Browser.war">
	<content sha1="a82c0200bfa0aed8c81fcc08f1db53634286cf71"/>

Now execute an ls of your JBOSS_HOME/domain/data/content folder:

[jboss@machine01 content]$ ls

15  a8

Here you found, in two folders, the initial two characters of the deployment. Let's enter "15" which matches with as7project.war

[jboss@machine01 content]$ cd 15

[jboss@machine01 15]$ ls


 Now copy the application and rename it as as7project.war:

[jboss@machine01 15]$ cp aca568030ef6157f25387af23bbdcd6689b2ca /home/jboss/as7project.war

You can check with any unzip tool that the renamed file is actually your application:

jar tvf as7.project.war

Great! we have learnt how to recover a deployed application from the data folder of the application server!


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