JBoss recipe of the day

JBoss AS 4-5-6

Supposing you need to change at runtime the size of your datasource named "CatalogDB", then you can use twiddle command (or modify it manually from the JMX-Console)


$ twiddle.sh set jboss.jca:name=CatalogDB,service=ManagedConnectionPool MaxSize 300						

This sets the Max ConnectionPool size to 300

JBoss AS 7

You can use the Command Line Utility to change dynamically the pool size attributes. For example, the following commands sets the max-pool-size attribute to 32 of the ExampleDS Datasource:

[standalone@localhost:9999 /] /subsystem=datasources/data-source=ExampleDS:write-attribute(name=max-pool-size,value=32)

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