Configure the mail support:

Since this process will deliver an email to the candidate which will be reviewed by you, we will configure a simple mail server solution with Apache James. You can try Apache James which is an opensource mail server, pretty light and simple to get started with it. Download it. Next unzip it and launch the run script which will start the mail server.


At startup James server just contains an administrative root account, so we will use this to add an user account. Unfortunately James does not provide (as far as I know!) a GUI interface to add users, to do that, telnet to localhost on port 4555 with the command:

telnet localhost 4555


You can log in with the root user name and password. After the login, we'll add an user. The adduser command expects a username and password combination. After adding users, you can use the listusers command to verify the entries and then exit the remote manager by typing quit. The whole session should look like this:
jboss mail service jboss mail service

Now copy the Process Explorer on JBoss AS 7 deployments folder and add a activiti-explorer.war.dodeploy to trigger the deployment of the exploded archive.

That's all. Start the process explorer with: http://localhost:8080/activiti-explorer/

We have found out some errors in the JBoss console about the GWT GUI libraries. This does not seem to cause any issue however we suggest you picking up the gwt-user-2.3.0 from Grep Code repository.

Now login into the Process Explorer console, with one of the built-in administrator kermit/kermit.As first step, upload the process through the "Manage" upper tab and the Deployments menu.

activiti bpmn 2.0 tutorial bpmn 2.0
Once deployed the bpmn20 file, move to the "Process" upper tab, where you can review the process picture and start a new instance of it, through the "Start process" button.

activiti bpmn 2.0 example process manager

Once started, fill up the form properties which are related to the process. In this example we have filled an "experience" which is over 5 years, thus the expected outcome is to receive a mail containing the approval for the candidate.

activiti bpmn 2.0 tutorial example

Let's open your mail client (in our example Thunderbird) and verify it:

activiti jboss bpmn 2.0 tutorial

That's all! In this tutorial we have showed how to run a BPMN 2.0 process using Activiti Engine on JBoss AS 7. In the next one, we will show how to start and manage this process programmatically, using Activiti API. Stay tuned !