Running the Java FX application

The full project is hosted at this fork of JBoss developer framework:

Before running the maven project, you have to check for the correct javafx-path, which is in the pom.xml


Launch the main application using
mvn install -Prun

Which will invoke the "run" profile that in turn will run the project's Main class.

Here's how the main form looks like:

jboss resteasy javafx tutorial webservices

Notice how validation error messages are beautifully handled in the Main class' errorPane:

jboss resteasy javafx tutorial webservices

If you pass all validation checks, the new Member is finally added into JavaFX javafx.scene.control.TableColumn, just like it does in the KitchenSink dataTable component:

javafx resteasy webservices tutorial jboss

Enjoy JavaFX and RESTeasy services !