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HelloWorld JPA application

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a simple Hello World JPA application to be deployed on WildFly or any Java EE container.

Hibernate and JBoss example application - part two

JBoss and Hibernate tutorial - part two

Adding a web client to your project

There are several ways to test our Hibernate application. The simplest of all is adding a web application, which is packaged in an enterprise application along with the Hibernate application. Create a new dynamic web project named HibernateWeb.

JPA 2.1 tutorial

In preparation for a timely release of Java EE 7 in April 2013, let's have a look at some interesting features of the JPA 2.1 specification.

Hibernate JBoss - An example application (part one)

In this article, we will introduce Hibernate, which is the de facto standard object-relational mapping framework for Java applications. The Hibernate galaxy is quite large and needs a book of its own to be fully explored. Our mission will be to take over one sector of this galaxy, especially where Hibernate applications are managed by JBoss AS.  

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