Debugging Camel Routes with JBoss Developer Studio

JBoss Developer Studio has been vastly improved to let you develop and test your Camel routes. Debugging Camel routes has never been easier!

Just open the Designer. As you can see, if you hover the pointer on a Component which can be debugged, two options will turn on:

debug camel jboss developer studio

The first one (The red one) will set an unconditional breakpoint on that component, before the transition to the next one. In order to test it, just launch your Route with Debug As | Local Camel Context. Once a breakpoint is hit, the Developer Studio will automatically change to the Debug perspective:

camel debug

On the other hand, if you want to set a conditional breakpoint, then you have to specify the Conditional Expression that will be evaluated when you hit the break point:

camel debug jboss developer studio

This feature is available since JBoss Tools Integration Stack 4.2 / Developer Studio Integration Stack 8.0.