Richfaces Java EE 6 application

Java EE 6 training. Part 3: Richfaces In this tutorial we will continue our training session by adding RichFaces libraries to our example Java EE 6 application. Richfaces is an advanced UI component framework for creating advanced JSF application leveraging rich component features and Ajax capabilities.     At first download the latest release 4.X.X of … Read more

PrimeFaces vs RichFaces vs IceFaces

In this tutorial we will compare three commonly used libraries which are used on the top of your JSF implementation. Richfaces, IceFaces and Primefaces. Richfaces ( is JBoss JSF component framework.Icefaces ( is Icesoft powerful Rich Internet application framework.PrimeFaces ( is Prime Technology Ultimate JSF Component Suite. At first a premise: we don’t pretend by … Read more

Richfaces 4 quick tutorial

The RichFaces project is an advanced UI component framework for creating advanced JSF application leveraging rich component features and Ajax capabilities. Let’s see how to get started with the RichFaces release 4.     At first download the final release 4.X.X of Richfaces framework from here.   The distribution when unpacked contains the following folders:   … Read more

Hibernate validation – using RichFaces

This is the second part tutorial about JSF validation. Now we will explore how to use Hibernate constraints to validate your JSF page using Richfaces and Seam framework. Validation is a key part of every web application. Basically, when using a JSF application you can perform validation using two strategies: Use JSF built-in Validation model … Read more

Richfaces calendar example

RichFaces Calendar example The  <rich:calendar>   component is used to create inputs for date and time and enter them inline or using pup-up calendar that allows to navigate through months and years. The RichFaces Calendar has over 80 available attributes but you can generally make do with fewer. Here’s a basic sample of RichFaces Calendar:  <rich:calendar … Read more

RichFaces tree example

RichFaces tree example RichFaces tree component is designed for hierarchical data presentation and is applied for building a tree structure with a drag-and-drop capability. The following example shows how to generate a RichFaces tree from a property file. (The keys of the Property file will determine the hierarchy of the tree).       package … Read more

Richfaces datatable example

Richfaces datatable example The Datatable is used to show  tabular data. Additional to the standard <h:dataTable>, this component enables row and column spans for columns, a flexible layout for a header and a footer. DataTable supports “master-detail” pattern and allows to show the combination of a master table and detail sub-tables. The following example shows … Read more

Using Ajax with JBoss RichFaces

Richfaces is a rich Java Server Faces library which allows easy integration of Ajax capabilities in your Web application. Before now we have published two tutorials about Richfaces which can be used as introduction and as reference for installing:JBoss richfaces tutorial If you have already approached Ajax technology using simple Javascript code you probably agree … Read more

Using RichFaces with JBoss AS 5.x – 6

In this short tutorial we will show how easily you can get started with Richfaces 3.3 using the latest JBoss distribution. Tested on JBoss 5.1.0 and 6.0.0 We have already published a tutorial about Richfaces 3.2 running on JBoss 4.X You are adviced to read this tutorial at first if you don’t have any notion … Read more

JBoss richfaces tutorial

RichFaces is an open source framework that greatly enhance JSF including lifecycle, validation, conversion facilities and management of static and dynamic resources. RichFaces components with built-in Ajax support and a highly customizable look-and-feel can be easily incorporated into JSF applications.   In this tutorial we’ll see how to develop some rich pages using Eclipse Editor. … Read more