Getting started with Decision Models (DMN)

The Decision Model and Notation (DMN™) is a modelling language notation created by OMG for the specification of business decisions and business rules. In this tutorial we will have an overview of what is DMN and which are the key constructs of this language that you can use to model your Decisions that drive your business.

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Which is WildFly latest version?

The latest version of WildFly Application server – as of – is version . You can download the latest version of WildFly from the official site: Alternatively, you can use the Galleon tool to install the whole distribution or some specific layers. To learn more about it check this article: Provisioning WildFly with Galleon … Read more

How to disable passivation for SFSB in WildFly

When a Stateful Bean is experiencing a period of inactivity, the EJB container maydecide to remove it from memory temporarily. This process is called passivation. Most of thestate of the EJB is saved automatically except for transient fields. When the EJB is restored,the stateless EJB has its original content except for the transient fields. Passivation … Read more

Enterprise Application Servers CookBook

Who dares to learn about the three core application servers in a week’s time ? This book will be your guide in an amazing journey with over 600 pages of recipes covering every aspect of the Java Enterprise Application servers. The book is composed of three parts, sold at the price of a single book! … Read more


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