How to disable passivation for SFSB in WildFly

When a Stateful Bean is experiencing a period of inactivity, the EJB container maydecide to remove it from memory temporarily. This process is called passivation. Most of thestate of the EJB is saved automatically except for transient fields. When the EJB is restored,the stateless EJB has its original content except for the transient fields. Passivation … Read more

Enterprise Application Servers CookBook

Who dares to learn about the three core application servers in a week’s time ? This book will be your guide in an amazing journey with over 600 pages of recipes covering every aspect of the Java Enterprise Application servers. The book is composed of three parts, sold at the price of a single book! … Read more


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JBoss AS 5 Development customer reviews

Dear users, I have created this article to gather your opinion about my book “JBoss AS 5 Development”. I’d be really glad to hear your opinion about it and as well answer your questions. Just post your reviews at Here are some customer reviews available on the Web: Javaranch Amazon DZone … Read more

JBoss performance tuning talk- JavaDay Rome 30/1/2010

Il 30 Gennaio 2010 terrò un talk riguardante JBoss Performance Tuning, nell’ambito del Java Day Italy 2010. Durante il talk verranno date in omaggio 2 copie del mio libro “JBoss 5 AS Development book”. Vi attendo numerosi! Per maggiori dettagli visitare il sito del Java Day: