Running WildFly on AWS EC2 instance

In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can install Wildfly application server on Amazon EC2 instance. The pre-requesite is that you have already your Amazon account available, so you are ready to launch a new Instance: In the next Window, choose one of the available Images, for example a RHEL 8: You will have … Read more

Getting started with OpenShift and WildFly

Note: This article reflects an old version of Openshift which has been deprecated. This is the latest updated tutorial on WildFly and Openshift: Running WildFly on Openshift This tutorial will show how to deploy an application on Openshift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud hosting using WildFly 8.1.0 cartridge.   OpenShift Express enables you to create, deploy, and manage applications … Read more

Server Virtualization for High-Performance Computing

Server Virtualization for High-Performance Computing: Potential Field of Application The problem of web hosting is one that many site owners have had to grapple with. Do you host your site on your own computer or someone else’s? How can you share web-hosting resources without compromising efficiency? Some people have come up with a variety of solutions. One … Read more

Has Cloud Computing Become a Network Operation Storage Accessory?

Cloud computing can be defined as the provision which allows a user to log into a service that is web serviced. This service hosts all programs necessary for completing a certain job. The cloud computing service provider will run everything from emailing, to complex data analysis and word processing. The word ‘cloud’ refers to the … Read more

All You Need to Know About Windows Firewall and Cloud Computing Services

In this world of computers and connectivity, viruses and Trojans are always an issue. They come in all shapes and sizes and may be extremely difficult to decipher. Windows firewall provides protection against viruses and anti hacking services. It is a component software of Microsoft Windows that provides packet filtering. Firewalls continually navigate through programs … Read more

Cloud Computing and Mobile Devices

Cloud computing is a recent technology that seeks to provide users with access to their personal data and applications whenever they need it. Simplification of the access would mean a shorter time for the users to make full used on it; hence, leading to greater marketability of the product. Smartphones and tablets make up to … Read more

Think you are ready for the cloud?read this first

In theory, cloud based solutions are intended to act as tools that will help you in organizing your SMB (small to medium business). They should be easy to use, so you won’t rely on the IT department for cloud adoption and maintenance. A recent survey conducted by Forbes recently found that 32 percent of SMB … Read more

Cloud computing basics

Cloud Computing Basics You hear about cloud computing all the time, probably. They tried pumping it around the beginning of 2011, like it was some kind of new boom, but it was bad marketing; the people who heard about it – aside from a small percentage of techsters – probably had no idea what the … Read more

In the cloud computing – a beginner’s tutorial

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing has become the new buzz word driven largely by marketing and service offerings from big corporate players like Google, IBM and Amazon. Cloud computing is the next stage in evolution of the Internet. Cloud computing provides the means through which everything €” from computing power to computing infrastructure, applications, … Read more