Wildfly server releases | bulletin board

In this article we will track all changes in the application server from release 10 up to the current release (25) and details where you can download and install it. WildFly 10 In this application server release, a major restructuring began that will continue in the 1x releases. These changes are both related to some … Read more

A first dive into WildFly 12!

WildFly 12 has been released. Let’s have a quick dive in it! First of all, download WildFly 12 from http://wildfly.org/downloads The most significant enhancement in WildFly 12 is the Java EE 8 preview profile which can be activated by passing the “ee8.preview.mode” property during startup: $ ./standalone.sh -Dee8.preview.mode=true Alternatively, a new configuration has been added … Read more

Detecting Connection leaks with WildFly 9

WildFly 9 is based on the latest release of IronJacamar which contains several enhancements. One of these, is the capability to detect Connection leaks in your applications. Let’s see how to get to grips with it. In order to detect Connection leaks you have to add a couple of properties to your startup script. When … Read more

Configuring WildFly 9 from the CLI in offline mode

WildFly  has a new management mode for the Command Line Interface which allows varying your configuration without being connected to a WildFly instance. This can be launched using the embed-server command. Here is the synopsis of the command:    embed-server [–admin-only=true|false]                 [-c=config_file || –server=config=config_file]         … Read more

Suspending and resuming WildFly

Since WildFly 9 you have the ability to suspend/resume the execution of the Application Server. This new feature allows your existing request to complete while preventing new requests to be accepted. In order to do that, enter the CLI and execute: :suspend Check from the server logs that the status has changed to suspended: You … Read more