Monitoring WildFly Container image – Part 2: JVisualVM

In the second tutorial about Container monitoring, we will learn how to monitor a Docker Container image of WildFly with JVisualVM In the first tutorial Monitoring WildFly Container image – Part 1: JConsole we have learnt how to monitor a WildFly image running in a Container using JConsole. Let’s make a short recap: We started … Read more

Monitoring WildFly Container image – Part 1: JConsole

In this quick tutorial we will learn how to monitor a Docker Container image of WildFly with JConsole The docker image of WildFly is available from Dockerhub with the name jboss/wildfly:latest. We will however need to extend this image to include the creation of a management user that is needed to attach remotely from JConsole. … Read more

Monitoring your Java Processes with jcmd tool

In this tutorial we will learn more of the jcmd diagnostic command utility which is available since Java 8. We will see how we can gather some useful diagnostic information of a running instance of WildFly. Currently we have already several diagnostic tools for the JVM like jmap, jstack, jstat. As you will see in … Read more

Displaying application server metrics with Grafana

Grafana is a web based framework which lets you create graphs and dashboards from data collected by several various monitoring systems. Grafana specializes in the display and analysis of this data with a lightweight, easy to install, beautiful web interface. In this tutorial we have learnt how to persist some metrics of WildFly into InfluxDB: … Read more

Using InfluxDB from a Java Enterprise application

InfluxDB is a time series database. Thanks to its high performance datastore it is used as a backing store for any timestamped data, including DevOps monitoring, application metrics, IoT sensor data, and real-time analytics. In this tutorial we will learn how to use it in Java running on the top of WildFly. As we said, … Read more

Check available services with WildFly

WildFly Services are classes which implement the interface org.jboss.msc.service.Service:   In order to query for active services from the CLI you can query the service-container as follows: /core-service=service-container:dump-services() As the list can be quite verbose, you can launch the CLI command in combination with the grep command from the shell. Here’s for example how to … Read more

Monitoring WildFly MBeans from the shell

WildFly ships with a powerful Command Line Interface which allows a full management control of the server. If you are using MBeans to capture relevant attributes of the server many options are still available. Besides the UI views which are available in jconsole or jvisualvm, you can use the plain command line to include it … Read more

Introduction to Hawkular

This tutorial is an introduction to Hawkular monitoring solution. We will learn the core features of it and how to install its Agent on a WildFly 10 Server. First of all what is Hawkular? in a nutshell it is a an opensource monitoring solution sponsored by Red Hat. It is a successor of the RHQ … Read more