Monitoring the EJB container using the CLI

In this tutorial we will learn how to gather EJB 3 container statistics from JBoss AS 7 / JBoss EAP using the Command Line Interface.  So you have deployed your EJBs and you want to know if your configuration is able to meet your requests. Now worry, using the Command Line Interface it’s just a … Read more

CLI Recipe: create a Logger with AS7

The following sample script can be added to  your CLI scratchbook when you need to add a Logger on the fly for one package contained in your application GOAL: create a custom logger for the package classes named com.sample. The logging information will be written in a custom File Handler that writes information in the … Read more

Installing a JBoss AS 7 module using the CLI

The release 7.2 of JBoss AS introduces the capability to install a module using the Command Line Interface. In this tutorial we will show how you can install a data source as a module using a CLI script. Modules are the heart of the new application server release. If you want to install a library … Read more

Manage JBoss AS 7 with Jython

The JBoss AS7 uses the CLI (Command Line Interface) as main management instrument. You can write complex management script using its own shell public API. However since the release 7.2 of JBoss AS you can also use many other languages to manage the application server. This tutorial shows how to use Jython to manage JBoss … Read more

How to run a WildFly CLI command from shell

In order to run a WildFly CLI command from your OS shell, just pass it as parameter after the –connect option. Example: $JBOSS_HOME/bin/ –connect “/profile=default/subsystem=logging/logger=*:read-resource” If you need to provide Username/Password on the command line, you can use the following options: $JBOSS_HOME/bin/ –connect controller=$JBOSS_IP:9990 –user=$USER –password=$property_value –command=”/subsystem=logging:read-resource”

AS 7 Graphical CLI

One new feature of the release 7.1.0 of JBoss AS is the Graphical View of the Command Line Interface. In this short tutorial we will show how to use it to change one of the server’s attributes. Please Note: the Command Line Interface in the final release 7.1.0 is no more launched using,sh but … Read more

twiddle reference guide

Please note: twiddle is not available any more as default Command Line in JBoss AS 7 and WildFly. If you still need to monitor the MBeans attribute of the application server from the shell, see this article: Monitoring WildFly MBeans from the shell JBoss provides a simple command line tool that allows for interaction with … Read more

How to count active session with twiddle ?

There are some well known alternatives to count the number of active session in a Web application, one of the most popular being adding Session Listeners to the application. However if you cannot modify your application or simply you need to use this value in a batch script you can still use the nice Jboss utility called … Read more