How do you configure your .war to be deployed after your EJB ?

This tutorial has been written for an old version of JBoss which is now deprecated. We recommend checking this resource to learn how to configure the order of deployment between applications: Simple way to configure JBoss / WildFly deployment order Deployment order configuration for JBoss AS 5 A common requirement for some web application is … Read more

Versioning applications with WildFly and JBoss EAP

This short tutorial will show you how to emulate an application versioning on JBoss EAP / WildFly with some simple management steps. One common task for most system administrator is the need to switch to an older/newer version of an application. If you deploy one application using automatic deployment, or simply replacing the application you … Read more

Where are managed appplication stored in EAP 6 / WildFly ?

This is a very frequent question. The short answer is in the data folder of the application servers and additionally into the Domain Controller data folder (if using domain mode). I’ll however show how to “recover” the application from there. Let’s say you have deployed an application in a Domain. (Things work much the same … Read more

How to add a custom JBoss archive in an EAR ?

JBoss custom archives (like SAR or HAR) are not recognized by the application.xml configuration file, so in order to deploy them in an EAR you have to declare them in jboss-app.xml. This file is located in the META-INF folder of your EAR. For example, if you want to include an Hibernate Archive (HAR), you have … Read more

Solving EAR deployment dependencies in WildFly and JBoss AS 7

This short tutorial show how you can support inter deployment dependencies on WildFly / JBoss AS 7. If you have a deployment scenario like this, where you have multiple Enterprise applications which are required to be started up (and shut down) in a certain order: Then you can specify the deployment dependency using the jboss-all.xml … Read more

How to deploy an application on JBoss AS

A short tutorial for JBoss AS beginners which explains how to deploy an application. This information is related to JBoss AS 4/5/6 releases. In the new JBoss AS 7, deployment can be pursued with different instruments. See this JBoss AS 7 introduction for more information about it.  Deploying an application with JBoss AS is a … Read more

JBoss AS Service Dependency: an use case

JBoss AS has plenty of services available ready for use. However sometimes you might have the need to start a certain service after that your deployments units are available. Let’s see how we can choose to deploy a service after your applications.     A typical use case would be that the EJB Timer service, which is configured in … Read more

Configuring JBoss shared libs

Please note there is an updated tutorial about configuring the shared library directory within an EAR file: Simple ways to change the default lib directory in an ear file One popular question in JBoss forums is the correct placement of shared libraries with Enterprise Application deployed on JBoss. In this short tutorial we will show … Read more

How to force JBoss to deploy the EJB first in an EAR ?

Please note this tutorial is related to JBoss AS 5 therefore it’s now obsolete. If you want to learn how to configure the deployment order of applications in WildFly / JBoss EAP we recommend checking this tutorial: Simple way to configure JBoss / WildFly deployment order Sometimes the order of deployed units, in an Enterprise … Read more

How to let JBoss deploy an application after other apps?

If you are running JBoss AS 7 or WildFly check the following tutorial: Configuring JBoss AS 7 deployment order. For older JBoss 4/5/6 releases follow this tip: If your application needs to be deployed after other applications, the quickest way to instruct JBoss to do it is simply creating a “deploy.last” folder inside the “deploy” folder. … Read more