How to run a JBoss Forge Script

Running a JBoss Forge script is an handy feature to create quickly an application starting from a script file. All you have to do is starting Forge and run the script file as follows: run <scriptname> As an example, pickup the following script from the quickstarts: Run this file from the Forge console using … Read more

Reverse Engineer your DB schema using JBoss Forge

[Updated] In this article we will show a more advanced example of Java EE Application using JBoss Forge 3 capabilities to reverse engineer the Entities from the Database. So this tutorial will use the Hibernate plugin for Forge and reverse engineer a MySQL database into the Java domain. Start by creating a database let’s say … Read more

Build Java EE Projects with Forge 3

JBoss Forge ships now with the 3.x release which brings several enhancements to the project creator engine. Besides it, the release 3.x has changed the option names syntax a bit, switching to a dashed and lower-cased structure. Let’s see how we can quickly create a project to be deployed on WildFly 10. Starting Forge 3 … Read more

JBoss Forge tutorial

In this tutorial we will show how quickly you can create a basic Java EE 6 application in lightning speed using JBoss Forge project.   Please note that a more recent version of this tutorial (based on Forge 3 and WildFly 10 ) is available at: Build Java EE Projects with Forge 3 Why one … Read more