Getting started with ZGC Garbage collector

This article will discuss the Java ZGC garbage collector and how you can configure and use it to meet your needs in modern Java applications. What is the Java ZGC? The Java ZGC is a scalable low latency garbage collector that is production-ready since Java 15. The ZGC Collector is designed to minimize GC pauses, … Read more

Getting started with Java 18

Java 18 is finally available for download! In this article we will learn some of the most interesting Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) which are now available in the JDK.

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JBang: Create Java scripts like a pro

JBang is a scripting tool which allows to run Java application with minimal set up, without the need of having a project configuration. In this tutorial we will learn how to use it to run a simple Java application and then we will be looking at a more complex example, which starts a Quarkus application.

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