From Drools to Kogito Rule Engine

You might have already heard of Kogito so you may want to learn more about it and how it compares with Drools Rule engine. In this tutorial we will learn what is the relation between these two Rule engines. The Kogito project aims to bring the business automation suite to the cloud and precisely into … Read more

Installing Kogito BPMN plugin for Chrome

Let’s see in this quick drill how to install the Kogito BPMN plugin for Chrome. At the end of it, we will be able to edit BPMN files directly from a Github repository Installing Kogito plugin for Chrome is quite simple. First off, download the plugin latest version from: (scroll at the bottom of … Read more

Getting started with Kogito Business Automation

Kogito is an advanced business automation toolkit that derives from the Open Source projects Drools and jBPM. Kogito aims at providing another approach to business automation where the main message is to expose your business knowledge the cloud and the larger Kubernetes ecosystem. There are already several implementations for Kogito, today we will learn how … Read more