Configuring jBPM to use MySQL as Database

This tutorial discusses how to configure jBPM to use MySQL as database to store process data. jBPM out of the box uses H2 database to store the state of processes using a file located under $JBOSS_HOME/standalone/data/jbpm-db. In order to switch to another database, you can use any of the following scripts which are available in … Read more

How to create a custom WorkItem Handler in jBPM

In this second tutorial about jBPM WorkItemHandler we will discuss how to create a custom WorkItemHandler which can be used to plug into your BPMN process some complex Java logic. A WorkItemHandler is a class that implements the org.kie.runtime.instance.WorkItemHandler interface. There are several built-in WorkItemHandler available in jBPM, for example: In this tutorial we have … Read more

How to use a REST WorkItem Handler in jBPM

In jBPM, a Work Item Handler is a Java class that implements the org.kie.runtime.instance.WorkItemHandler interface and can be used to execute some tasks during a Process. jBPM provides some built-in WorkItemHandlers. In this tutorial we will learn how to use one of the most common ones, the REST WorkItem Handler. We will use as starting … Read more

Developing a jBPM 7 Web application example

In this updated tutorial we will learn how to create a Web application using jBPM 7. To build your first business application simply go to and generate the skeleton projects for your Web application. Once you have downloaded the application, unzip the downloaded archive and go into unzipped directory. You will see the following assets: … Read more

Design jBPM Processes with Eclipse designer plugin

This updated tutorial will teach you how to design a jBPM process with Eclipse designer plugin, make a KJAR out of it and deploy in on jBPM. First off, you need to take the download link of Eclipse’s plugin for jBPM from As you can see from the Download page, the jBPM team stopped … Read more

jBPM REST API tutorial

This tutorial will discuss how to use jBPM REST API to manage your Process Server with any tool able to execute simple HTTP requests such as curl. By using jBPM REST API you can perform the following actions: Create, update, or delete Process Server instances Retrieve information about Process instances, and associated KIE containers Start, … Read more

Installing the Business Central on WildFly

There are two options to install jBPM Business Central on WildFly. You can either download the jBPM bundle distribution ( which includes WildFly, the Kie Server and the Business Central or you can install the single components on the top of an existing WildFly distribution. This tutorial cover the latter option. Download required server and … Read more

Building a jBPM6 application with SpringBoot

Please note there is an updated tutorial covering jBPM 7 with Spring Boot 2 available here: Developing a jBPM 7 Web application example In this article we will show how you can use jBPM 6 runtime engine with a Spring Boot microservices application In order to integrate jBPM 6 with Spring you can use two … Read more

Configure Kie Execution Server on WildFly

What is the KIE Execution Server? The Kie Server is a Java web application that allow us to expose rules and business process to be executed remotely using REST and JMS interfaces. The difference between Kie Server and jBPM Console is that Kie Server is focused in remote execution, while jBPM console offers a complete … Read more